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Diskette Duplication
TimeValue Software
4 Jenner, Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92618 
(800) 397-7890
Phone:  949.450.1192  Fax:  949.450.1195
E-Mail: diskduper.com 

Diskette Duplication--the quickest turnaround at the lowest price--GUARANTEED! 

If we can't beat any other quote, we'll give you 1000 disks free!  With a guarantee like that, you simply have to call us at (800) 397-7890

Quick turnaround!!  We can usually ship your disks within 2 working days.  Labels may take an extra day, but we'll do our best to meet your schedule. 

High quality!!  We use state-of-the art commercial duplication equipment.  We only use new high quality disks because our equipment is too valuable to use recycled media.

Disk labels too!!  Plus, if you need help in design or production of disk labels, we can get you a great looking label at a very reasonable price. 

Here are examples of our great prices. 

Diskette Duplication:  Labeling: 
1,000 diskettes $0.49 each 1000 black and white labels applied $99
5,000 diskettes: $0.39 each 1000 color labels applied $149
10,000 diskettes: $0.34 each
25,000+: Call for quote

Concerned about doing business over the Internet?  We are TimeValue Software, a software company that has been in business for 15 years. When we needed Diskette Duplication for 1,000 or 10,000 disks in a day, we had trouble finding a supplier. So, we went into the disk duplication business ourselves. 

Need a customized installation program? We write installs at prices starting at only $199. 

Because we know the software business, we understand what you need from a diskette duplication supplier. When you need a quick turnaround for 500 to10,000 disks, call TimeValue Software at (800) 397-7890, (fax) 949.450.1195, or send us e-mail. 

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